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History of the Red Cross & Red Crescent (Expo'92)

The History of the Red Cross (up to 1992)

I made this work for the Red Cross Pavilion at the 1992 Seville Universal Expo. After the event, this work has been kept in a drawer until 2011. I found it and I realized that the video is old but the message remains in force and will remain so. The only difference is that today the number of National Societies approaches 200.

Production Company: INTERMEDIA CV (Spain) Source of all images: Red Cross archives.
Project Director: Fernando Gil / Executive Producer: Dominique Bernis / Video producer: Toni Valls Pou / Music composed by TRACK.

IMPORTANT: The mere viewing of this video does not provide material benefits to the Red Cross & Red Crescent Organization. I encourage you to make a donation:
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