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    Enter the link to the video you want to purify.

    Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JmA2ClUvUY

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  4. Options

    Use the options to create custom URLs (alphanumeric), add passwords, and choose video start and end times.

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    Drag this bookmarket into your bookmarks' toolbar to use wherever and whenever.

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    That's it - try your hand at it by plugging in a video to purify.


Watch YouTube videos without comments or other distractions.

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109,025,254 videos have been purified

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Use it anywhere

Purify Youtube: Drag this Purify button to your bookmarks (or favorites in IE). Click the bookmark on any Youtube page to purify!

How To Use ViewPure?

Good question. We find visuals to be the most helpful - after all, pictures speak louder than words.

As you can see, ViewPure removes all comments and related videos, allowing videos to be watched without distractions, or more likely, without "inappropriate content". Think of it like YouTube without the bloat.

What can it be used for?

Honestly, what can it not be used for? Common uses include:

The list goes on and on - but you will find a use for ViewPure, guaranteed.

ViewPure has been used by teachers, students, professors, educators, parents, organizers, and more.