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McDonald's UK - Carrot Stick (2017 Christmas commercial)

McDonald’s UK 2017 Christmas campaign shows a little girl becoming bizarrely attached to a carrot stick. "Are you gonna eat that?" her father asks as they wrap up their McDonald’s Christmas Eve meal. She shakes her head, totally focused on the fat orange stick in her fist. "It’s for the reindeer" she says, and will repeat, throughout the spot.

"Carrot Stick" the ad that leads the work, follows the pair home as she clutches her reindeer snack with the vigilance of a bodyguard charged with protecting the Crown Jewels.

What sells the spot is the girl herself, whose dedication brings to mind how fervently we saved teeth to stick under the pillow, or refused to eat the cookies meant for Saint Nick. Of course, things go temporarily pear-shaped when her older brother makes a startling revelation—no, not that Santa isn’t real, but that there’s more than one reindeer.

"Our campaign focuses on the anticipation, excitement and little moments of magic the run-up to Christmas brings." says Emily Somers, VP of Marketing and Food Development at McDonald’s UK.

"We’re so proud to be launching our most ambitious Christmas campaign for McDonald’s yet, with loads of treats and surprises in store for our customers and audiences." gushes Chaka Sobhani, Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett London.

Client: McDonald’s
Agency: Leo Burnett London
Chief Creative Officer: Chaka Sobhani
Creative Director: Pete Heyes & Daniel Evans
Creatives: Mark Franklin & Rob Tenconi
Graphic Designer
Account Director: (BAD) Sam Houlston
(AD) Steve Halliday
(SAM) Felicity Davies
(AM) Amy Love
(AM) Gracie Smith
Project Manager/Digital Producer: Sarah Ioannou
Agency Producer: Graeme Light
Director/Production Co: James Rouse / Outsider
Producer: Benji Howell
Editor: Art Jones
Post Production: Louise Unwin – producer; Jean Clément Soret – Telecine; Paul Wilmot – VFX Supervisor at MPC
Sound Design: Sam Robson at 750mph
DoP: Christophe Beaucarne

Media Agency: OMD
Comms Planning: (BD) Kathryn Howcroft, (AD) Lucy Johnson, (AM) Katie Griffiths
Partnerships: Team Emma Parrett, Stephen Berti
Investment Management: Paul Milsom, Alex Neary

Upload with permission of Leo Burnett.
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