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Gabriel's Tooth Fairy Tale - A Bedtime Story

Gabriel loves to count things - including the stars in the sky and the teeth in his mouth. And he loves creatures with wings! So on the night after he loses his first tooth, he devises a plan to meet the ultimate winged creature - the Tooth Fairy - and find out what she'll do with his tooth.

"'Gabriel's Tooth Fairy Tale is precisely the story I would have listened to—and insisted on and talked about and thought about—when I was a small boy contemplating the very same question Gabriel does: What happens to a lost tooth after the Tooth Fairy carries it off? And the answer the story provides—one that includes the land of the fairies and the stars in the sky and the powerful purpose the teeth serve—would have satisfied me completely.
This is a lovely tale."

– Jeffrey Kluger, Author of Apollo 13
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