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The Giant Squid's Biggest Mystery

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Deep below the sea surface, giant squid fight off predatory sperm whales--stirring legendary tales of epic battles. Yet for all it's infamy, discovering how many of these enormous cephalopods are lurking in the ocean has remained impossible...until now. Using simple arithmetic, Elizabeth Shea, Curator of Mollusks at the Delaware Museum of Natural History, along with colleagues at the Smithsonian Institution try to solve the mystery – with unfathomable results!
Produced by Luke Groskin
Music by Audio Network
Intro Giant Squid Footage by Akinobu Kimura
Additional Stills and Video by
Clyde and Ingrid Roper, Don Hurlbert/Smithsonian Institution, Getty/Oxford Scientific, J.J. King (C.C. BY 3.0), Liz Shea, Mike Goren (C.C. BY 3.0), NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program, Oceana Canada, Pond5, Shutterstock, Tsunemi Kubodera and Kyoichi Mori, Discovery / NHK
Special Thanks to Danna Staaf whose blog post inspired the video.
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