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Earth's Orbit Song

Here is a song I created to help my 6th grade students study. I hope you enjoy.

Sunlight it comes up daytime where the lights touch
The night flipside the lights off
Sunlight we see it because of Earth's rotation
The night comes we spin as a top

But it never stops axis like a post
From North goes right straight down to the South Pole, Oh
23.5 tilt, 23.5 tilt
Day/night 24 hours, no more

Oh, Oh, oh, oh
Oh, Oh, oh, oh

Counting days for a month or more
New moon we're waiting for
28 days plus this is crazy
To make a month need to make it right
Some months have 30 nights
This makes it hard some 31 nights
But added up to gain it makes a year

And that's right, February just 28 nights
It adds a day for leap year making 29, 29, 29
Adds up 365 and ¼ and a ¼

Well Earth might be spinning like a top but bent
'Cause this causes the temperatures to change
Earth orbits the sun going round and round again
Tilting makes the seasons, makes the seasons

When the north has snow tilts away not close
But when the north leans in it's not cold no more, oh
Spring, summer, then fall, winter again so
Sunlight makes it go, come on

So what it this? It is a solstice
Sun in the sky 23.5 degrees
Starts winter or summer this

So, when the day is long
When nights is long equal they are
Spring and fall cause that's when they are
Equinox, equinox, equinox, equinox...

Well that is that guys that is all, wait a minute it's the moon again
Gravity pulls on this on the water and on the land
Creates tides makes two high, two low
Six hours between them water goes
A high tide it not alone it's paired up with another one

The tides can be much stranger when the sun helps the moon tug
Extra pulling a spring tide
Man, you wouldn't believe a neap tide begins
Right angle forms
Tide not so high, ahhh...

Oh, oh, oh, oh oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh oh

The sun's might you wouldn't believe
That gravity pulls on you and me
In Earth we're stuck in orbit you see

It's for the best keeps life on living
It's for the best making all four seasons, oh
It's for the best keeps life on living
It's for the best making all four seasons, oh...
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