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Hanukkah - Lift Yourself Up - music video by Jewish a cappella group Shir Soul - Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah from Shir Soul! ~
contact David Ross: 917-817-2897

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Join our #LiftYourselfUp 2015 Hanukkah mitzvah campaign!

In honor of Hanukkah 5776, we wanted to take this opportunity to help spread goodness, light & love in the world. We hope you will join the campaign and become our partners in this exciting movement!

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Step 1: Post our new video with the hashtag #LiftYourselfUp on your Facebook wall, and mention a good deed or warmhearted act that you plan to do for yourself, your family, friends or community this week in honor of Hanukkah 5776.

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That’s it. Just follow these three simple steps, and you’ll be entered into the drawing! Who knows, you may inspire others to do something good as well! One lucky #LiftYourselfUp participant will win a brand new Apple iPad Air. But don’t take my word for it - just ask Johnny Shlagbaum. He won the iPad last time around – this is for real!

How will you #LiftYourselfUp today?

Shir Soul Singers (in order of appearance):
Jesse Shore
Yaacov Weiner
Chaim Moskawitz
Scott Eckers
David Droz
David Ross

Music & Lyrics by Michael HarPaz
Song originally featured on the debut album "Believe" by Suffy Rudman
Arranged & Produced, Mixed & Mastered by David Ross @ Dynamic Range Studios, NYC
Video by Shimmy Socol

Special Thanks To:
Rikki & Mendy Gross
Ronnie Schonzeit
Jeremy Schonzeit
Shimmy Socol
Sharon Shore


When you’re on the road to nowhere
And there’s no one by your side
When you feel like you are utterly alone

When you see the path before you
And your confidence is tried
And you need a place to rest your tired bones


When the nighttime snow is falling
Open up and come inside
Feel the warmth and feel the love it’s everywhere
Where we all can be together
Singing songs of joy and pride
With the message of the history we all share

Lift yourself up higher
Come on light your soul on fire
I said lift yourself up higher
And you’ll find your way back home

When you fight an uphill battle
And the end’s nowhere in sight
You may think that there’s no more of you to give
Know that very deep inside you
There’s a seed that wants to sow
So we plant our roots and finally start to live


Like the stars that light the sky
And the sand that salts the sea
Feel your strength get multiplied
Let the history in you set us free

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