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Breakthrough: Polar Bear Witness

For USGS wildlife biologist Karyn Rode, tracking and tranquilizing polar bears from a helicopter are just the first thrilling steps in her research. After acquiring various samples from sleeping bears, Dr. Rode's unique understanding of what they eat and how quickly they metabolize nutrients allows her to determine the condition of each bear. Working with a team of scientists from the US Fish and Wildlife Service for nearly a decade, Dr. Rode's monitoring of polar bear health has helped reveal how well populations are adapting to the rapidly warming Arctic. 
A film by Science Friday
Produced in collaboration with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Produced by Emily V. Driscoll and Luke Groskin
Directed by Luke Groskin
Filmed by  Christian Baker, Luke Groskin, and Ryan Hawk
Edited by Sarah Galloway
Animations by Luke Groskin
Music by Audio Network
Color by Irving Harvey
Additional Photos and Video by
USGS, USFWS, NASA Goddard's Scientific Visualization Studio/C. Starr, Shutterstock, Pond5,  Oxford Scientific, and Pascale Otis (C.C. BY 3.0)

Project Advisors:Laura A. Helft, Laura Bonetta, Dennis W.C. Liu and Sean B. Carroll - Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Special Thanks to Karyn Rode, Michelle St. Martin,  Johnathan Larabee, The Staff of Red Dog Mine's Port Facility, Jenny Shalant,  Jessica BrunettoChristian Skotte, Danielle Dana, Ariel Zych, and Jennifer Fenwick
Science Friday/HHMI © 2016
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