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Teaching a Growth Mindset: Unleashing the Learning Machine


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Table of Contents:
The Most Important Skill: 00:03
Carol Dweck Growth Mindset: 01:48
The Key To Learning: 03:01
How to Encourage Belief: 08:08
The Jungle Tiger: 08:55
The Brain is Like a Muscle: 14:02
John Kessel – Expert Insight: 15:26
Three Principles of Learning: 16:40
Headstarts: 17:08
Ceilings: 17:43
A Rant: 18:05
Credits: 18:45

The Foundation for Teaching a Growth Mindset:
There is a TON of information out there about growth mindset. We talk a lot about what it is and why it matters. But exactly how to build one, have one, and teach one does NOT get enough love. From our travels we’ve discovered that this is really the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s easy to teach the concept and show why it’s so important…

But the real magic is teaching someone to run with it and giving them the tools to share it with their people.

And that is why we made this.

I hope it creates some tension, I hope it inspires you, I hope you think about learning in a new way, and I hope that you share it with your people.


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