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What are the Different Kinds of Pumpkins - Fall Decor 2012

Different Kinds of Pumpkins - Fall Decoration - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

I am here with multiple different varieties of pumpkins. There is hundreds of different kinds and here is a sample of some of them. Here is a Tiger Stripe. It looks like a tiger with the white and orange stripes. This here is a type of pumpkin that is being bred now for the kind of goosebump look. We have little Baby Boo pumpkins. It is a white pumpkin that is used mostly for decoration. These all, here, are very decorative use, ornamental use.

Back here, this is an Atlantic Giant, it is a pumpkin. This is a very small version of the Atlantic Giant. Just recently a pumpkin was weighed in at 1,530 pounds. It broke the Oregon largest pumpkin record. These carving type that I have got scattered around, Howden Biggie is the type of pumpkin. It is made for the nice, orange flat finish and great for a pumpkin because they are able to stand up.
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