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World of Medieval Music - S'amour Dont sui Espris - Gautier de Coincy

S'amour dont sui espris - "The Love I'm burning with", was beautiful song written by french poet-abbot Gautier de Coincy (1177--1236). De Coincy was born in Coincy-l'Abbaye in France around 1177. He became a monk at Saint-Médard in Soissons in 1193, at the age of 15. Rather being strict and rigorous, he was a light-hearted monk and poet who has been inspired by the life of Virgin Mary. His great devotion to Mary, he express trough his music work which has been collected and cataloged in the book: The Miracles of Notre Dame or The Miracles of Our Lady, around 1200. It is a reverential but humorous work, full of love for the cult of the Virgin, which at that time also received attention from Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, who was the leading Medieval proponent of veneration of the Virgin as a counter-balance to the more rigorous Christian scholasticism, then the dominating spiritual force.

The Miracles of Our Lady is one of the most popular works of Marianist literature from the period and it encapsulates a very particular set of Christian values, which saw in the Virgin Mary the most benevolent and humanistic aspect of salvation, intercession and mercy. Many of the songs are concerned with the key elements of the Virgin's earthly life - her conception, her birth, her childhood, her youth in the Temple, the events recorded in the Biblical gospels and her Dormition; the poems and stories are generally more concerned with her modern-day miracles.

Song is performed by Ensemble "Frühe Musik Augsburg".
Album/CD: Amours & Desirs (1994).

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