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Math can be hard for some students to visualize. Luckily there are lots of resources for students online. Giving students a variety of experiences helps them find their learning style.

Before you start studying algebra you need to know the basic math operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Then its all a balancing act, literally. Students will be successful in their study of algebra if they realize one side of the equation has to equal the other side of the equation.  

There are so many great benefits to learning algebra. Students learn: critical thinking skills, logic, patterns and problem solving skills. Not to mention inductive and deductive reasoning. All these skills will filter into the rest of their learning too. 

This Collection of videos is selected to help students get the basics of algebra.  Click on the picture to see the video.

Algebra Videos

Math Antics has a whole series of math videos on all sorts of topics.  They are great at explanation of the concept and the imagery is great,

A pre-algebra cartoon that makes math fun. 

Algebra Basic is a short cartoon that uses storytelling and life experiences to teach algebra.

This video is a simple introduction to algebra.

Algebra Extras

Hands-on and visually appealing resource helps to keep the interest alive. Click to see these great options. 

New Path Learning Algebra Skills Curriculum Mastery Game reinforces skills and increases comprehension. 

Math Stacks relates different ways to write the same math problem. It is a matching game of sorts.

100 Math Brainbenders is a great way to flex your math muscles before class starts. 

Set in a creepy haunted house, readers find the number of bats and skeletons and other creepy things with algebra skills. 

Algebra Activities

Click on the images below to see more about each project.

Math Battleship. Its fun and makes the math a little less intimidating.

Math escape room.  You have to crack the math code to get out of the room.  Even timid mathematicians will have fun with this one.

Fun games in a tub.  Small quick games to reinforce standards. 

Art and math are so connected. This activity explores their relationship.  

Algebra Printables

Below is a collection of great free printable resources. Click on the image to get them.

Harry Pottery Algebra math printable. 

Algebra pendants.

Algebra is just balancing two sides of an equation. This gives the students a great visual. 

This site has LOTS of free algebra printables.


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