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The Constitution is the founding document of the United States of America.  It is an inspiring document full of the history and promise of the country.

Luckily there are lots of resources for students online. Giving students a variety of experiences helps them find their learning style.

It is the people of the United States that preserve the Constitution by there voting powers.  Young people are the next generation to be in charge of the preservation of it so they need to understand it.  Students learn so much about the great land of the United States by learning about the Constuition.  It explains the freedoms and prosperity of the nation.

This Collection of videos are selected to help students to get the basics of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Click on the picture to see the video.

Constitution Videos

School House Rocks Preamble to the Constitution Song.

A fun whiteboard video about the constituiton and the Bill of Rights, 

An explaination of the Constitution, the reason for it and the purpose.

A Crash Course on the Constitution is entertaining and very informative. 

Constitution Extras

Hands-on and visually appealing resources help to keep the interest alive. Click see these great options. 

Constitution Games - We the People Fight Tyranny teaches history from the founding fathers perspective.

U.S.A. Constutition Activity Book is full of puzzles, secret codes, and crosswords.

Constitution Translated for Kids.  Helps make that 200 and more year old document more understandable for kids today.

Constitution Quest Game. Its fun, it's interesting, it can be played in less than an hour.

Constitution Activities

Click on the images below to see more about each project.

Constitution Notebook and Organizer.

A whole unit all ready to go your U.S. Constitution class.

Lots of resources to enhance your classroom Constitution learning experience.

A Bill of Rights Stretch Book to make the learning a little more memorable.

Constitution Printables

Below is a collections of great printable resources. Click on the image to get them.

Constitution practice pages.

How a bill becomes a law dice game.

Readings all put together for your Constitutional study with worksheets and activities to go with them. 

Great worksheet for learning about the Bill of Rights


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