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Study of Space Science

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Space is such a fascinating topic for many middle schoolers. It is so vast that it becomes a bit hard to really understand sometimes. However there are activities that can add in their understanding. Students learn best through interactive lessons.  There are a few key areas of Space Science to focus on. 

Since time began people have been looking up at the moon, stars, planets and the sun.  It breeds questions and thoughts.  At one time humans thought that the world was flat and through understanding astronomy they came to realize that it truely is a sphere. 

Although now there is much better technology, astronomers continue to discover fascinating new things about the world around us. Student's interests can be peaked by all of this amazing out-of-this-world information.  Along with the concepts that are closer to Earth, such as solar and lunar eclipses, red blood moons, and blue moons.  

This collection of resources is meant to teach students about some fun and interesting areas of astonomy.  Click on the images to see the videos.

Space Videos

The Milky Way and Galaxies Astronomy Video from Freeschool. 

A crash course in space for kids 

All about the sun video. That hot gassy ball that keeps things alive and well here on Earth

Exploring our solar system teaches about all the planets and features of our amazing solar system. 

Space Extras

You don't have to have an expensive telescope to see the wonders of this world. This book explores 50 constellations, star clusters, and more teaching kids what they look like through their small telescopes. 

A 3D model of our solar system that glows in the dark just like our real solar system does.

A model of the solar system that helps students to visualize the rotations and size differences between the planets. 

Space Activities

Click on the images below to see more about each project.

This simple demonstration teaches how a solar eclipse works.

Mysteries about our beautiful moon. Is it made of cheese? 

A great STEM challenge for students to learn about space and develop team building skills. 

Gravity is part of why life can happen on this Earth. This simple experiment shows how it happens.

Space Printables

Below is a collection of great free printable resources. Click on the image to get them.

The phases of the moon are so interesting. This helps students to track these phrases and predict the next one coming.

Astronomy printables that make prep time fast and easy.

How is the Earth shaped and what is happening under the surface?  These books and resources form a whole unit study. 

Printables to learn all about the rotation and tilt of the Earth. 


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