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Number Sense

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Basic math skills will help a young learner on a lifetime trail of S.T.E.M.

The highest sciences we have a humans is all math based. Therefore, after reading, math becomes the next skill to master in learning.

Number Sense is a student's understanding of a number.  If the student has good number sense they have fluidity when they use the number.  They know it's relationship to other numbers. They will be able to do mental math easliy and use the number with understanding in real world situations.  

It is imperative that a child gain number sense at a young age.  It will make the higher level math they do easier. They will have concrete foundation to start with.  

This is not usually something the develops "by accident". It is a skill that is developed through manipulating and playing with numbers in a wide variety of ways that leads to the deep understanding needed for later years.  However, to the child it can look like play.  Here is an extensive list of great number sense resources that are fun to play and is also highly educational. 

Number Sense Videos

Ways to make 10 songs
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Counting 1-10 - Nursey Rhymes
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Counting from 1-20 Song
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Counting 1-5 song with cute puppies- Its catchy
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Number Sense Games

Play is a great way to learn. Number sense is best learned at a fast pace to teach rapid recall for when children start learning their math facts.  Click on the image to see where to get these engaging activities for your little learners. 

It's like Bingo with numbers!

Math Stacks teaches how math numbers relate to each other by matching up the cards that are the same number just said in a different way. 

Building Number Sense Activity Book has lots of fun quick number sense games.

Wishtime Colorful math games.  This game comes with 15 counting cards and 72 colorful tiles.  It teaches both counting skills and color recognition.  

Number Sense Activities

There is lots of interactive learning that can go on with things you already have in your classroom or home.  Click on the images to see more about each activity.

Button counting grid game is colorful and great for little hands to pick up. 

Mixing art and math is always fun.  Finger painting just makes it even a little more fun.  It would a great activitiy to go with a Hungry Catepillar unit study,

It is really hard to visualize what 100 things look like. This fun food centered activity is great to show what 100 looks like. It also teaches groups of 10. 

Creepy and cute at the same time, these spiders help students to visualize more and less numbers.

Number Sense Printables

Here are some of the quality free printables online. Click the images to print them. 

The number of the day just like Sesame  Street.  It is a great place to get started and to practice the handwriting. 

Super cute counting books that students can make themselves. 

Quality written worksheets that teach numbers with handwriting practice and visuals.

A great resource of lots of number sense worksheets.


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