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Reading is the one skill that if it is done well, can trump all others. The assimilation of the knowledge of all mankind is available through books.

The skill of reading will set the child up for a lifelong ability to grow beyond themselves. This early reading resource page is for you.

Reading is without a doubt the most important thing that children learn to do when they are in the preschool and lower elementary years.  For some kids this comes easy, for others it is really challenging. 

Phonics (the sounds in words) and whole language (whole words in isolation) are best to be taught together. Phonics give the child the ability to sound out words that they don't know quickly.  Whole word learning is best done with short words you see all the time in writing, like "the", "and", "are", "we", "me" ,etc.

Knowing these words without having to sound them out helps the child to move through reading quickly and to feel confident.

With these two methods of teaching reading together, a child gets a good start at being great reader. Below we have compiled a great list of resources to add the last important element to being a early successful reader - fun and variety.  It's the spice of life and definately imprortant to a preschooler and early elementary schooler's attention span. 

Preschool Reading Videos 

A cute video with great graphics that teaches how to sound out words.
Click image to watch

Alphablocks are cute little letters that teach their own sounds.
Click image to watch

Paw Patrol teaching sight words. A win for all small ones. Click image to watch 

Fun songs that teach rhyming the "at" words
Click image to watch

Preschool Reading Games

Play is a great way to learn. For a child to do learning, independent play is priceless. Here are some of our favorite kid approved, interactive toys.  Click on the image to see where to get them for your little learners. 

Zingo is a sight word bingo game.  It teaches the child to read and match up the same words.

Swat a Sight Word Game is a high energy way to learn sight words and gets busy bodies moving. 

The classic game of GO Fish but for the alphabet.  This version has beautiful artist cards. 

Leapfrog Learning Leaping Letters-  you set a timer and match the colors and alphabet letters to the board when the timer goes off the letters leap off the board. 

Preschool Reading DIY Activities

There are lots of interactive learning that can go on with things you already have in your classroom or home.  Click on the images to see more about each activity.

Easter Eggs are not just for Easter anymore.  Teach students to match the upper and lower case letters with mismatching eggs. 

Quick to make bingo game. You can use whatever little placeholders you have laying around. Blocks, legos, beans, ect. 

This is no monster to be afraid of.  This cute upcycled wipes tube will make your student giggle while they learn. 

Got a bunch of extra megablocks laying around?  Put them to use in a new way. 

Preschool Reading Printables

Here are some of the quality free printables online. Click the images to print them. 

Hidden letter coloring pages help to remember the letter and practice coloring skills. 

No mess Do a Dot Paints make hunting for letters so much fun.

Find a letter worksheets not only help you find the letter but also help you to practice spelling it correctly. 

Coloring, searching, handwriting are all on these pages, 


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