Upper Elementary
Art Challenge 

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Learning about art should be fun and entertaining. Students learn best through interactive lessons.  There are several key areas to focus on during the upper elementary years that create a base for the student's middle school and high school years.

Art is great for developing the mind.  It teaches expression, motor skills, and enhances all other parts of education. There are so many areas to explore in the arts. So many techniques to learn. Not all children enjoy the same kinds of art. It is critical to explore lots of areas of art to find the one the child is most interested. Then they can move more deeply into the areas that are most appealing to them. 

There are so many areas of art for upper elementary students to explore. We will not be able to cover them all here.  However we have created a sample of different areas of art to explore with your students to give them a taste of what is available.  

How to Draw Art Videos

How to Draw a Landscape -is a beautiful easy to follow video. 

Bubble Wrap Painting Project that teaches the technique and artistry.

Paper cut project with negative and positive space design. 

Hand line optical line -is a fun optical illusion with your own hand. 

Art References

Students benefit from having lots of art to look at.  It gives them a wide variety of ideas to imitate and draw from. 

Usborne famous painting cards are a great compact set of hard covered cards with some of the worlds most famous paintings.  On the back are facts about the paintings that add to the education.

A Child's Introduction to Art is a beautiful book and gives an overview of different styles of art. It also teaches about the work of the most famous artists of each time period. They teach how to appreciate the art. 

60 bright glossy postcards of famous pieces of art.

This encyclopedia puts the visual art in a chronologicial order from cave paintings to mondern day. It includes sculpture, photograpghy, digital art, and so much more. 

Art Activities

Click on the images below to see more about each project.

This artistic arts and crafts project is fun for beginners and advanced alike. It can be done with many different skill levels to make some really great art to hang in the hallway.

A combination of art and science.  Students can make anything that inspires them out of tissue paper and watch it move.

This site is full of great projects that can we done with things laying around your house or school room. 


Colorfull eye art.

Art Printables

All the printables below are free and you can print them on your own computer. 

Negative Postive Value Scale Worksheet

Moving Target Worksheet teaches how to make crazy designs.

Intro to Color Theory teaches the basics of color blending.

This is a great resource for design elements.


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