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United States Geography

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Geography of the USA 50 States is entertaining for students that discover through interactive lessons. 

Knowing the geography and regions of your own country is the basis of understanding the subcultures and history of your country.  In the course of history the country of the United States has not been around very long especially in the size it is now - less than 100 years.  Many people living in American today remember when Hawaii and Alaska became states. 

Geography is not just the maps of an area (althought that is a big part).  There is the geography of language, culture, history, food, holidays and lots more.  Students with a good sense of geography can understand current events better and be more culturally sensitive to other people.  

Here is a list of resourses to aide students in learning more about the good old (maybe not too old) USofA!

US Geography Videos

This video has a guy that actually draws the map while you watch. He is awesome. Please there is a song to memeber the states and something to remember them for. 

This website uses the Montessori Method of matching states in their regions.

Here is a catchy song to remember all 50 states with. 

Discovery Channels video on the regions of the US with interesting facts. 

US Geography Games

Passport Culture is a trivia game where players travel the globe answering world grography questions.

Flag Flenzy! Learn the flags of major conuntires in a matching game. 

Scambled States- Players have to unscramble the United States.

A bingo game with a geography twist. It goes through 25 countries.

US Geography Activities

A state scavenger hunt get students moving and thinking. 

A resource that has got tons of crafty ideas. 

This source is full of games to play to make geography a whole lot of fun.  Search around to what they have.

You can't do a geography without a salt-dough map! There are only a few ingredients to make it and dries in less than an hour. 

US Geography Printables

All the printables below are free and you can print them on your own computer. 

US States with facts about the each state on one page. 

Worksheets about every state. 

Lots of printables and lesson plans. 

Know your states by answering questions. 


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