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Parts of Speech

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Having students learn the 8 parts of speech can be fun. Students learn best through interactive lessons.

The 8 Parts of Speech might seem a bit of a boring topic. But it is so important to have a good understand of the parts of speech to be a good writer. Knowing how to make a good grammatically correct sentence will help students be taken more seriosly as adults and be better understood. 

The English language is tricky.  It is important to know when to use whom and who.  When do I use "there", "their" and "they're"? And what the heck is a preposition?  We are here to help. The resources below are going to help you make a boring subject a little more bearable and maybe even fun. 

The 8 Parts of Speech Videos

This is a cute cartoon that teaches the eight parts of speech.  It is very funny.  

A song that explains nouns, verbs, and adjectives to the tune of "Give it to me".

Basic parts of speech video teaching nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

This cute video is on Noun Mountain with Mr. Mongul. He helps the student identify common and proper nouns.

Parts of Speech Games

Parts of speech dice. They are a great alternative to flash cards. 

The Classic Mad Libs is a great way for adults and children to play together. It always ends in a funny experience. 

Cooking up Sentences Game has players "cooking up" funny sentences.

Learning parts of speech flips educational action game is a challenge to see how many sentence you can make. 

Parts of Speech Activities

Parts of speech flip book helps to make a great reference for kids to use in their writing lessons. 

The Verb Game is super fun team building game.

Parts of speech bag game has the student rapidly think of the words part of speech. It can make the learning go fast.


The M&M Challenge Code adds the element of candy, which all kids love.  

Parts of Speech Printables

All the printables below are free and you can print them on your own computer. 

A great sorting practice worksheet.  

Another great sorting actitivies. 

Marker Mania is colorful way to diagram a sentence.

Parts of Speech Foldable mini books are a great resource to keep in a student's desk for reference.  


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