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Share Clean Videos With Your Group by Getting a Viewpure Membership

Designed Specifically For: Teachers, Professors, Bloggers, Social Media Influencers, Homeschoolers and Parents Like You...

Who want to keep their group focused on the video's message and not get distracted with all the other junk and ads on Youtube.
(See the cool features below)

Purify Your First Video With a Free Account in Less Than 3 Minutes...

Your Purified Videos - No Ads or Distractions

Keep students or group focused on your message (or the video's message) without distractions. 

For teachers, professors, or homeschooling moms, this is especially important. How much time has been wasted by interruptions in the classroom. Or even worse, an innocent click on something very innappropriate for kids to be watching.

Keep control of the learning environment.

For bloggers and social media influencers, how much more money would you make if your videos didn't have all the other distractions and ads.

You can even embed the purified videos in your own site (see below).

Embed Purified Videos in Your Website

You can embed these purified videos in your own site. 

For bloggers and social media influencers, put these purified videos in your blog or website. Thus, no more extra youtube ads showing on your own site and distracting from your message.

And you can even pick the color of the player, so it doesn't look like Youtube. Nice.

For teachers or professors - When you have an online newsletter to give out to parents, these purified youtube videos can go directly into your newsletter.

Also, you can embed them directly into your class or school website. 

Super simple with just 3 lines of code. (copy and paste easy.)


Get QR Codes - Just 1 Click

Easy QR Code Generator is built-in.

For teachers or professors - have you ever wanted to give out dittos or homework to your students with a video connected to it. Use the QR Codes to have your student go directly to a purified video.

Now your students can view the specific purified video for an assignment without getting distracted...cutting down on homework time.

Easily downloadable too.

Securely Share Your Purified Videos With a Private Group or Class Inside Viewpure...
Share Your Videos With the World Outside Viewpure

Some Viewpure Members want the option to have a private group of students inside Viewpure with their own logins and passwords; for a higher security environment.

Other members want to share their purified videos with anyone that has a link.

Either way works just fine.

Play Your Videos on Playlist Mode

If you want to watch or listen-to all the videos in your playlist in a continous fashion without any interruptions, use Playlist Mode.

For teachers or professors -This is most often used for brain-improving music in the classroom that runs for hours as background music for tests.

Think of having the classical masters Mozart, Beethovin, Chopin and Bach playing in the background to improve test scores.

Save Time and Crop Your Videos

Crop your videos to watch only the segment you want to share with your class or group.

For teachers or professors -This feature means you can save lots of classroom time by only showing the part of the video that is useful to education. You won't have to Fast-Forward ever again. You get the meat of your video everytime.

For bloggers and social media influencers - Save your viewers time and keep them focused on your message. This will mean hundreds or thousands more people click your links instead of someone elses. (Remember, you can embed these videos too)

You can even crop the opening and closing credits and call-to-actions. Just use the juicy part in the middle.

Get The Viewpure Schools Admin Area
*(For School and District Accounts Only)

When you want to know how many videos your individual teachers are loading. This is for you.

The Viewpure Schools Admin Area will:

  • Show you how many videos your teachers are loading.
  • Show how many playlists and groups each person in your school or district is loading.
  • Allow you to rotate Principals and Teachers year-to-year.
  • Change any passwords you like and block people from the system when they leave the school or district. (Staff rotations)
  • Migrate staff from one school to another.
  • Add or Subtract Teachers and Schools at will.

This is your admin control panel to run your whole Viewpure system for your own school or entire district.

Now Is Your Chance To See What Viewpure Can Do For You. There are Different Account Levels For Everyone.

Choose Your Plan Below

Forever Free Account

  • You get all the features and benefits.
  • Limited only by the number of Youtube videos you can load.
  • Note: The Forever Free Account is very generous in the number of videos you can load.
  • $0 Free Forever

Pro Account

  • For Teachers, Professors, Bloggers, Social Media Influencers, Homeschoolers or Parents
  • You want to load lots of videos into your playlists.
  • Just $4.95/mon OR $49.50/year
    (save 2 full months free - Best Deal)

School and District Account

  • For Schools, Districts, and Colleges
  • You want your teachers to load lots of videos into their playlists.
  • You want admin oversight into your school or district's teachers.
  • Just $99/mon/school (Only pay for the first 20 Teachers of a school building. All the rest are free)
  • Discount for Corona Virus SALE Just $62.50/mon/school
  • For Districts, simply choose how many school buildings you want to connect to Viewpure. (very flexible)


Note: This signup is for 1-5 school buildings. If you have a School District to signup, simply contact us
We also do normal Purchase Orders (POs)


OR Just $891/year/school
(save 3 full months -Best Deal)

Discount for Corona Virus SALE Just $562.50/year/school

Note: This signup is for 1-5 school buildings. If you have a School District to signup, simply contact us.
We also do normal Purchase Orders (POs)


Bank Certified

With a Viewpure Membership, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

  • Use the Forever Free Account to see what a Viewpure Membership can do for you. All the features and benefits are enabled on purpose. Become very satisfied. Use them. Test them. Love them.
  • When you are ready to upgrade, go for it.
  • Cancel anytime. Your membership will still be active through the month or year that you have paid for.
  • And of course, if you need help, simply contact our support desk, We are standing by.
  • You have nothing to lose. Get you Viewpure Membership today.

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