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Hurricanes - Learning about Hurricanes for kids and children

A hurricane is a huge storm with powerful winds and lots of rain. They can be up to 600 miles across, and make a spiraling shape.
Hurricanes are formed over water in tropical areas, and use warm water as energy. They can move 10-20 miles across the ocean.
Most hurricanes happen over water and they aren’t dangerous to us, but when a hurricane gets close to land, they can cause a lot of damage. Their winds can be up to 200 miles per hour, and they can knock over trees, powerlines, and buildings. They can also cause tornadoes, thunder and lightning, big waves, and flooding.
The hole in the center of a hurricane is called the Eye. It’s a clear part of the storm—no clouds or rain at all. But the area closest to the Eye, the Eye Wall, has the fastest and most dangerous rain and wind.

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