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Learning math skills when a child is young should be fun and entertaining.  Little ones learn best through play.  There are several key areas to focus on during age 3-5 that can make later learning easier.

Patterns are at the heart of learning math. Having a strong understanding of simple patterns when a child is young will help them be able to see and manipulate larger patterns in higher level math.

As students advance in their understanding of patterns, they will create charts, graphs, and tables to recognize them. 

Patterns are all around us in the natural world. Students will be able to see patterns in music, art, and literature.  The understanding of patterns leads to well thought-out educated guesses and logical trains of thought.  Here is some quick to use resources for the preschool classrooms and homes of preschoolers. 

Preschool Pattern Videos

Learning  patterns through song

Alligator Chomp Song is catchy and a great way to learn patterns.

A great link for pattern learning in preschool and kindergarten

Pattern Practice Song with the cute singing jumping bean

Preschool Pattern Games

Hot Dot Junior is an interactive learning pen.  The student will learn about patterns, sequences, colors and matching. 

Three Bears Pattern cards are a great early preschool activity.  It is compact and effective. 

Penguin Matching is simple and fun for preschoolers. Draw a card and match the pattern.

Thread and play teaches gross and fine motor skills.  There are is a wide variety pattern actiivty that the child can do.  

Preschool Pattern Activities

Fruit loop patterns are a tasty, educational treat. All you need is yarn and fruit loops. 

Color and pattern busy bag is a get afternoon craft for a preschooler.  Also it is great use in a classroom center or in the car for a travel day. 

Use a marshmallow for painting? What? So fun and different for your learners.

Simple materials are all you need to make this fun pattern learning activity. 

Free Preschool Shapes Printables

All the printables below are free and you can print them on your own computer. 

Cute printables having to do with transportation. 

Link pattern worksheets

Do it Dot worksheets are fun with this pattern activity and mess free.

Fun counting bear pattern printables. Fun to have it on ring to keep it easy to flip.

Here is where to get the Do It Dots. 


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